Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Button heart and earrings - New items in the shop

Finally I have recovered from my cold and feel like I have my mojo back, been rushing round like a whirling dervish today cleaning and tidying and cooking, my poor old hubby has the cold now and my little bubba is coughing up a storm.  So with my newly found energy I have gone into listing over drive, I have re-opened my Folksy shop and just added some more items to the shop and wanted to share them with you.

Not sure what has happened to the colours on my buttons heart, must have had the white balance on a funny setting, very blue!?  I am going to try and list some clothes tomorrow. 

P.S. I have a new phone!  I know not something I should boast about, but it is very exciting for me because I haven't had a new phone of my own in about 10 years.  Now I have the internet which is a revelation, and a working camera!  I know I sound soooo sad, but really this is the most exciting thing for me, I have aps galore now!  Including one to track my breastfeeding and nappy changes; what could be better?! Oh yes, angry birds!

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