Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hannah Spearritt a Mori girl?

So I used to be a MASSIVE fan of S Club 7, and by "used to be" I don't mean that I am no longer a fan but that S Club 7 are no longer together *Boooo!* I still love their music though, I mean who wouldn't lyric like "Hoochie Mamas show your nanas".  So anyway, imagine my joy when I stumble upon THIS article on the Daily Mail website declaring that S Club 7 were reuniting!!  What could be better?  My instant thought was "please don't let them do a gig before I have weaned Orren!" Closely followed by 
"Do my eyes deceive me or is Hannah Spearritt dressed in a decidedly Mori girl style?" As if I didn't love S Club 7 enough!!

Bringing It All Back! S Club 7 are said to be planning a tour and album after signing a new record deal

Loving her style, layering, white tights, lacy trimmed skirt, suede boots, definitely Mori.  Hope you are all having a great weekend, any other S Club 7 fans out there?

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