Monday, 7 May 2012

Jubilee Bunting - New item in the shop

Made some Jubilee bunting this week, slowly slowly, a couple of flags a day!  One of my friends asked "how are you making things with a new baby?" How indeed!!  But the pressure is on my shoulders to make up the money I will be missing out on by being off work for a year, so I have no choice but to get cracking with the sewing machine in order to keep our heads above water and keep on paying the mortgage. Every now and again I get a bit panicky thinking how on earth am I ever going to make up the money I need, but then I have to tell myself to get a grip and just take one day at a time, just do what I can do in one day, I can't do more than that.
So I really hope you like my bunting, I am hoping someone out there might be having a lovely Jubilee party where my bunting can can adorn a wall or hang boldly over a table celebrating the fabulous 60 years our Queeny has reigned. Click on the photo to take you straight to my shop.

What have you got planned for the Jubilee?

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