Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Doggie doo doo dilema

Hi everyone,

Today I went onto my school field and has a little walk about.  Around the edge of the field is a high fence, and on the other side of the fence is a footpath.  Imagine my disgust when I discovered that, littered all the way along the fence were little doggie poo baggies with poos in them, people ha been slinging their dog's poos over the fence in the absence of a poo bin!!  It was really gross. 
What I really can't understand is...why bother picking up your dog's poo and putting it into a bag when you are then going to sling it over a fence into a school playing field!?  It's a very strange double standard to me. 
Here is the evidence:


  1. People are strange!That is a very funny/sad(for the poor kiddos and experiment) observation.

    On other note, your welcome is making me want to curl up with a cup of earl grey, yum.

  2. Yuck. We alway carry ours. Sometimes for miles. Still, with my hatred for litter, I can't even fathom tossing it down.

  3. Hello,Thanks for your kind comment.
    I agree, this is dreadful and I just can't understand some people.


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