Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Etsy Features

I am really excited to share these wonderful Etsy items with you today, I love Etsy so much, every time I go on there I see something that I wish I had or that I wish I had made!  Todays theme is Spring, because it really is in the air in sunny Berkshire.

(I just can't resist birds)

There are just so many amazingly talented people in the world it always amazes me.  I hope you all enjoy this collection and that it makes you smile.


  1. Woww!!! Great surprise for me :) Thanks a lot Hels !!! Also all picks so wonderful...

    Best wishes

  2. Love your blog! It's full of sun and bright colours. Thank you for featuring my crochet necklace. Lovely spring items you've found on etsy!

  3. i love your blog..:)
    thank you so much for featuring my blanket..!!


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