Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lovely things

Hello there, you look so lovely today!

Feeling a bit funny today, a bit emotional, perhaps the worst mood to be in when going shopping as the likelihood of impulse purchases goes up ten fold. 
We need an ironing board because ours broke, we want one of these:
Beacuse it's made of wood like my grandmothers that my mother now has, and plus the one that broke was made a metal so I sense these are less reliable.

Sadly they didn't have it in House of Fraser, but I did stumble of this absolutely beautiful, too-gorgeous-not-to-buy note book (you know my note book fetish don't you):

Note the birds, bird cage, cup cake and tea cup.  All things that I am currently besotted with.  So I bought it for a whopping £9.00.  It did cheer me up though.  Now I can fantasise about all the wonderful poetry and observations that I could write in it.  (Though I will probably just add it to my ever growing stash of beautiful note books, oh the potential.)

Then we walked past Miss Selfridge, and I spotted a delightful Mori-girl-style range of clothing, I did que up to try some on, I qued for about 10 minutes with my poor husband rolling his eyes, only one person came out of the changing room in that time so I decided not to bother and stormed off out of the shop.  The I felt really silly for queing and wanting things and I cried! (Told you I was a bit funny today).  Ah well, here are some of the lovely things I saw and can't afford!

Gorgeous no?  I am now trying to plan in my head how I can somehow aquire these items or something like them.  Fabric shops of Berkshire watch out!!

Have a lovely evening darlings.


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  1. I love these clothes, all so romantic and gorgeous indeed.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The fabrics i use are mostly by Tanya Whelan. She's so talented.


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