Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy Monday

Hi folks,

Here are some wonderful happy and inspiring images to get all us 9-5ers going, especially you teachers out there that are back after Easter like me.  Hope you are all good and have a wonderful week.

All these photos and more can be found at deviantart, you can also view some of my own art work on there: Serendipity-child.


  1. Lovely photos! My son went back to school yesterday after his break, and I am sort of happy (it takes a lot to keep a 15-year-old fed and out of mischief...), but I sort of miss him, too. Hope you're easing back into the routine!

  2. Beautiful images; got a chuckle out of the book tree (tree of book). I took some photos a few months ago of a tree of shoes in San Francisco; near the Pier. Very pretty - bring on spring!


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