Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skin Deep

I recently read a book called "Skin Deep"  By Pat Thomas about the nasty chemicals that are in the cosmetics and toiletries that we use every day.  It was such a shock to me that I instantly stopped using my usual daily moisturiser and shampoo.  I had no idea that the cocktail of chemicals could be so harmful and I decided that I really didn't want this stuff in my body, I wanted to be au naturale.
Annoyingly I am quite a sensitive soul when it comes to skin and mine is quite sensitive.  In past have suffered from eczema and I get flare ups when I am stressed and particularly in the winter, I have tried other moisturisers but my skin has always reacted badly whenever I have changed.  I felt like my skin was addicted to my usual moisturiser!
Pat Thomas recommended using wheatgerm oil for sensitive skin so with some sceptisism I bought some online and have been using it for about two weeks.  After three days or so of not using my usual beloved moisturiser my skin went mad, it was dry and sore and blotchy, I felt like I was wearing a horrible bad skin mask.  My initial reaction was to go back to my normal moisturiser but this time I decided I would persevere with the oil and I am so glad I did because my skin feels wonderful now. 
Because the oil is natural it does not contain the chemicals that drive a normal moisturiser deeper into the skin so it takes longer for my skin to absorb and of course there is the added hassle of leaving an oily residue on everything I touch directly after using it!  But the benefits definatly outweight the negatives.  I would really recommend using natural plant oils to anyone and particularly people with skin problems, there are so many differant types available to suit your skin and you can mix them and add essential oils to make them smell nice, what could be better!

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  1. I'm gradually working my way over to non chemical products - Green People have a lovely range

    I just stopped by to say thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm so glad that you found the Eckhart Tolle quote interesting


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