Wednesday, 14 April 2010

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Hi everyone,
As promised, here is my featured blog of this week.  Meet Brittan from littleowlarts, I have been folowing her blog for a little while now, and she is so sweet and real.  She sells her own handmade jewellery, beautiful felted items, handmade paper and artwork in her gorgeous Etsy shop I hope you will have a little look at her blog and her shop, I am certain you will enjoy them as much as I have:

Tell us a little about yourself:
I love birds, especially owls, parrots, ducks and chickens. I dream of having my own farm house and many soft and furry critters running around outside of it. I am a bird in the woods with leaves in my hair. I love wool, paper, gardening, and soft rain... I am a multi media artist, gardener, herbalist and educator! Currently, I live in the seaside town of Gloucester, Ma with my boyfriend, Andy, shepherd Jacob, muppet pup Veda and wild parrot, Miss Posey Bird. If you would like to contact me my email is
What is your idea of the perfect day?

I don't know, that is tough to answer, but I love days where I am totally engrossed in creating. When I feel totally inspired and motivated and can't stop working, that makes me happy. Also being outside on a really nice day that isn't too hot or cold working in my garden or going swimming off the rocks at high tide, these things all make me happy. I also love going on outings with my man and our animal friends for the day or weekend. I think these could all qualify as perfect days for me.

What wouldnt you leave home without?

A sketch book and pen or pencil, also my watercolors... I usually bring a bag with me everywhere that has pens, a sketch book, my ipod and wallet in it...

What are your favorite shops?

I don't know if I have a favorite shop, I love the flea market that goes on around here on sundays during the nice weather. We usually go every weekend that we are able!

What is on your wish list?

I would love to be able to have my own space... some land with a house or yurt to live in, no crummy landlords. I would also love to be able to go on a really nice vacation.

What is your favorite bargin find or product?
I am not sure, I love going to the flea market and finding things that I have been looking for really cheap!

Who is your favorite artist and why?

I would have to say georgia o'keefe... her art has always grabbed and inspired me, it is so flowing and smooth and the colors are amazing! I also love Monet, I adore his water lilies, they are one of my favorite plants!

Where do your find inspiration?

all over the place... nature (we live in the woods up the street from the ocean), but also from other people, art, music, there is alot that inspires me. Also my family, my boyfriend is really encouraging, and my dogs and bird are also inspiration for me!

Do you collect anything?

If so what? ugh, loaded question. I have lots of little objects and things from nature that I have collected, stones, sea glass, leaves, etc... I also tend to collect things that have something to do with my art, such as supplies (like wool or paper), although I am not sure if that is really collecting... However, I am trying to downsize, so I am trying not to really collect anything more until we know where we will be next.

Who would you like to sit down to drinks with?

I don't know, there are a great many people that I would love to have time to have conversations with. Georgia O'keefe, of course, also maybe Tasha Tudor, she was so fascinating and independent, I would love to hear some of her secrets! I would also love to have some more time with my Dad (he passed about 10 years ago), he loved having good conversations.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I think I have become addicted to etsy and facebook, but I am also such a girl, I really love clothes.

What is your idea of a living hell?

Living on Mars in an artificial environment.

What are some of your favorite websites/blogs that you like to visit?

I love poking around on etsy and just found this site called we heart it that is really fun. Also I love reading Danielle's blog Dinosaur toes, Micaela's blog Dolce Vita, Coles blog Adventures in Love and Happiness, Patsibu, floddertje, and many others! I also like finding new and interesting blogs with great photos.

Hoping you are having a beautiful day!



Thanks so much to Brittain for answering my sfgirlbybay inspired questions, see you all tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, it made my day!

  2. I love reading Rosy Little Things (, Artsy-Crafty Babe (, and Smitten Kitchen (

    I have a whole list of ones that I read, but those are a few of my favorites, especially when it comes to getting inspiration to craft or bake!


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