Sunday, 13 March 2011

Home made mannequin

I have had a really fun weekend this weekend with my lovely sister Rose.  She came down on Friday from her University in Wales.  On Friday night we had a very tasty salad for dinner with prawns, bacon and a delish dressing from Pizza Express, then we went to the cinema to see a film called Paul with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, two "nerds" who find an alien.  It was very funny with a LOT of Sci-fi film references, too many for me to pick them all up, (obviously I am not nerdy enough!) Although I was left with a bad taste in my mouth from the OTT piss taking of Christianity, which I felt was unnecessary and did not add anything to the film.  I do get annoyed at how it seems people feel it is acceptable to take the mick out of Christians, when I would never take the micky out of other religions.
On Saturday Rose and I got up early because I had a photo shoot to do in Fleet, it went really well and because it was beautiful weather I got to do some natural light ones outside; the first ones of the year!

Here are a few from the shoot:

After the photo shoot Rose and I drove to Headington in Oxford for some Charity shop-shopping.  I went to University in Oxford and the many charity shops of Headington were a regular haunt.  I was very restrained and came away with just a necklace, Rose got some fab shoes and a few other bits.  We had lunch in the park because it was so sunny.

In the evening we had a yummy home-made lasagne and watched a film.

Today we got up really early and went to a car-boot sale, I got a vintage suitcase which I have been wanting for a while for an artwork I have in mind, Rose got a load of bargain clothes and some DVD's.

This afternoon we had a real giggle making a home made mannequin/dress form.  We followed a tutorial on youtube by threadbangers, I am pleased with the results and hope to start making some of my own clothes.  Here is a photo-by-photo look at how the body form came together:

Felt like a bionic woman at this point

Then felt like I was wearing one of those surgical body supports.

The I felt like  a package, just write an address and put a stamp on me and get me in the post!

The things started to get really silly!

We are so goofy!

Then Rose decided to try it on!!

It was a bit big for her!

Quite hilarious!

make gif
Make gif


  1. :) lovely weekend with my big sis! reading your blog made me have a giggling fit all over again!! look forward to seeing the clothes you make!

    see you soon Helen, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How in the heck do you get out of that thing? :)

    I feel the same way--I don't get why it's ok to make fun of Christianity...


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