Thursday, 2 February 2012

Maternity leave: Day four

Thought I would share with you some artwork I have done for the  baby's room today.  Do you remember this post, of images from the Jamboree collection at Mamas and Papas, in particular theses paintings?  Well I loved them so much but just couldn't justify £22 pounds a pop.  So...I decided to imitate them on canvases I bought from Hobby Craft for about £5.00.  Do you like?  I am really pleased with them.

Today I continued the big clear out, nearly there now, made some soup for freezing so that when baby comes we have some easy nutritious meals at the ready and added a few more things to my hospital bags.
What are you up to?


  1. What a fantastic job you have done! They are really lovely. Sue x

  2. That's really impressive! I teach two little girls (now aged 8) who still have pictures somewhat like this on their bedroom wall - they really last a good long time as they're not too babyish, although they will appeal to the baby too!

  3. How did you do the white dots on the green background so accurately?

  4. As with most things I do, I did it by rack of eye!Just a steady hand and trying to keep an equal distance between each of the spots!

    1. Nice! With a paintbrush?

    2. Yeah that's right, quite a fine one, just a normal watercolour I think) paint brush.


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