Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Maternity leave: Day three

More clearing out today, making room for baby.  This weekend I am having a couple of gatherings of friends to celebrate coming to the end of my pregnancy, some may call it a baby shower, but I am calling it "Afternoon tea with Mummy to be"!!  So I have been trying to think of games to play that are fun and silly but not too embarrassing, so far there are my ideas:

Guess the size of mummy's tummy with a piece of string, closest size wins,
Blindfolded baby food guessing game,
Pin the umbilical cord on the baby (like pin the tale on the donkey),
Childbirth Trivia quiz,
Celebrity baby name guessing game or match the name to the celebrity baby,
Blindfolded guess the baby item.

Anyone got any other ideas?

here is a pic of me, Baby turned 37weeks yesterday:

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