Friday, 17 February 2012

Wooden trolley makeover

I had this wooden trolley that came with a set of shelves my husband and I bought years ago.  It was totally unfit for purpose because it was supposed to slot in between the legs of the shelves under the bottom shelf and it was too wide. The shelves became a shoe rack and over the years the trolley has served many purposes.  It now takes on a new guise as a toy box for our baby's bedroom.
You might remember these test pots of paint that I bought from B&Q to match in with our colour scheme?  Well I used them to create a sort of colour wash over the bare pine wood.  I am pleased with the result, it is now bright and cheery and much more appropriate for a child's bedroom.  It was a bit difficult to do because I worked on it on the bedroom floor and all the getting up and down was a strain, not to mention the bump getting in the way!  But I did it!  What do you think?

Before - boring old pine

 After - bright and colourful


  1. Oooo yes MUCH better! Nice and cheery, and perfect with the other stuff you've shown us!


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