Saturday, 4 February 2012

Maternity leave: Days five and six

Spent yesterday getting the house ready for my "afternoon tea with mummy to be" (NOT a baby shower which is far to cliché and makes people feel obligated to bring gifts), including a food shop which was shockingly expensive.  Can't believe a small trolley now costs what it would have cost to fill a large trolley 5 years ago. Also put together my party games, including a drawing of a giant baby with an anatomically correct umbilical cord and placenta to pin on!  my pregnancy quiz which took me about 2 hours to do...I think I was really over-thinking the questions, printing off sheets for match the celebrity baby names to their celebrity parents, guess the measurement of mummy's tummy with string, preparing for guess the baby food flavour and preparing vegetables and fruit for match the vegetable to the age of the foetus (in weeks).

On second thoughts the placenta looks more like a tomato.

Today I got up early to get everything ready and made two trays of sandwiches for all the guests.  My mum and sisters came over in the morning and helped me with the last few finishing touches to the house as well as finishing off icing some cupcakes that my sisters made. Friends arrived at about 1.30 then all through the afternoon friends popped in and out, we had sandwiches, cake, tea and played the games as well as me opening presents which was so sweet of my friends, and not expected at all.  I was very happy to receive the Mamas and Papas Jamboree changing mat which I have been lusting after.  There was an element of surrealism to the whole thing though, it felt a little bit like my birthday, only nothing was for me!
Foolishly I forgot to take any photos for the entire day,  took some last minute ones of me and my family but apart from that, nothing! What an idiot!

yes, my sister is holding a spider plant, it was the prize she chose for winning one of the games!

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