Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines day treats

I presented my husband with a thoroughly crafty valentines this year after spending most of Monday baking, sewing and dipping!
I made a simple card combining felt and blanket stitch with embroidery thread.  I simply cut a heart shape from a piece of red felt then stitched a blanket stitch round the edge for decoration.

I then sewed the words onto the heart using a chain stitch.

I stuck it onto a piece of white card and sewed a running stitch round the edge of the card to add decoration. I punched holes in the card with a sharp needle before sewing to make it easier.

I had my first go at making cake pops following the instructions on A Beautiful Mess.  Only I made mine far too big so couldn't put them on sticks, I discovered they were too big to my detriment when one splatted!
I then dribbled chocolate over them and added sprinkles and drizzled chocolate for decoration.  
I used Betty Crocker Devils Food cake mix and Betty Crocker Chocolate fudge fondant icing.

I used up the rest of the Betty Crocker mix by making "I love you" cupcakes, iced with the chocolate fudge fondant icing. 

Also dipped some marshmallows in chocolate and sprinkles.  Hubby was very pleased.  And I was very pleased with  my huge box of chocolates, two boxed actually, and a bunch of red roses.  Hope you all had a lovely, crafty valentines day.


  1. That card is adorable! Such a lovely idea - and I bet he was pleased with all the cakes! Hope you, hubby and bump are doing well!

  2. Yummy! Check out this cake pops site: http://www.bakerella.com/


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