Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Allotment update

Take a look at this letter I received from the council last week:

Uncultivated and weedy indeed?!?  Pah, what a cheek!

Hmm well maybe they were right, it is pretty weedy.  (Even though I did plant two beds of broad beans and onions two weeks ago!)

So the hubby and I spent an hour in the rain, I put my fork through my welly and hubby pulled a muscle in his leg, but we ended up with this:

I think you will agree it is much better, still a bit of digging to go though.  Needless to say afterwards we were wet and exhausted.

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  1. I am so sorry, the same thing happened to me with my allotment. I'd only had it for a few months and was working on it alone with a job. They were totally unreasonable and it's still not resolved now, I don't know the outcome of the last inspection. That was back in September. At least most of the guys on the site are on my side. Best of luck with yours. Nomada (from self sufficientish).


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