Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vintage wedding

As promised, check out these lovely vintage wedding photos that adorned the walls of the pub we went to for dinner at the weekend. The pub was xalled the Angel in Camarthen in South Wales.  I thought it was a really lovely way of decorating the pub and making it unique and quirky.  Some of the photos were really old mixed with some more modern ones, some were copies, some were original prints, some were very serious and some were fun and amusing, have a look:

It's Elvis and Priscilla Presley! Don't they both look so hansom.

 This is a beautiful 1920's wedding, this family must have been wealthy to have a wedding as gorgeous as this. How cute is the page boy?!

This couple look like a very serious older bride and groom, she has a fabulous hat, and he an utterly astonishing mustache.

This looks like a cheery wedding group, probably 1940's judging my the clothes.  I also love how the lights in the pub were reflecting off the glass, it looks so magical.

Look how happy she is?!

 Another classic 1920's/1930's wedding, loving the bridesmaids headbands.  Can you imagine that they didn't have photographers at the wedding in those days but had to go to a photography studio to have their wedding pictures!

This photo is hilarious, look how the couple are running away from their party having locked the door with a crucifix!! The way her dress is blowing makes it look like he is wearing a dress too!  I think this is a 1969's or 1970's wedding.

Gosh this is a sombre affair!  A Welsh wedding judging by the Welsh hational dress that the two older women at the front seem to be wearing.  How fortunate this family were to have a photograph of their wedding party.  Looks like late 1900's to me, lovey flowers.

Saved the best for last, how wonderful is this photo, I just love her expression so much! Can you imagine? Looks like a 1950's wedding, I love her dress so much, it is very Audrey Hepburn, or Chanel.
(edt:  discovered who these people are via this website, apparently they are  Eileen Petticrew with husband Robert Greenhill outside St. John the Evangelist Church, Notting Hill, London, 1965)

Really hoping you are having a happy week.


  1. Oh that last one is just priceless. What a lovely way to decorate a pub.

  2. Those are wonderful photos - it makes me realise that a collection of other people's photos isn't false, but might be fantastic as long as it follows a theme. You may have given me an idea there... Thanks for the fun, too!


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