Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Some thoughts on art

You may remember a few days ago I posted some photos I took at the community centre and said this at the end:

"I have got several bookings coming up for the photography. I am really glad I am doing it, and am really enjoying it, but had a real panic yesterday that I was still filling my time with something that wasn't what I truly wanted to do. My deepest desire is to create artwork, that is where my spirit is calling me. I will say more on this later, I think it needs it's own post."

Well this is it's own post, or something like it, I am gradually becoming able to articulate my feelings about my art and life, the more I write about it, think about it and talk about it the easier and clearer it becomes.

Fran left a lovely, thoughtful comment to my post:

"Do you not consider your photography art? I think your pictures are beautiful and very clever. I certainly think you are an artist"

and I wanted to respond to it.

I am afraid that I don't consider my photography to be art.  I feel that art should be saying something fundamental about the human condition and I feel it should express my own feelings. 

The photographs don't do this. 
I feel afraid of doing my own art work, I fill my time with other things; teaching, photography, tidying the house, making crafts, all these act as distractions from what is really calling me.  I think that I am afraid of doing the artwork because it is the only thing that is truly me, I am totally exposed in it.  With photography the camera and the people I am photographing remove the image from me the artist.  I can blame other things if the image goes wrong, but with the art it is only me...what if I fail?  I have no one to blame but myself. 

So it is becoming clear to me that what I really need to do it just go for it with the art, be brave, open my heart to the world whatever the result.

Here is a painting I have done since having these thoughts.  It is a fantasy place, a place in my heart that isn't real but could be in another life, perhaps the next life.  I have included several symbols that are becoming more and more important to me; a bird, a bird cage, geraniums and a heart. 

Please tell me what you think.  This is by no means "high art"  but it is meaningful to me and I think it is beautiful.


  1. Just to let you know I've been reading your blog and following your adventures! Congrats on your photography sessions! Great photos! Wonderful heart on the home!

  2. I want to live in your fantasy place (I mean that in a way that isn't weird)--I love it!!!

  3. That art work is simply beautiful. Looks lovely. I am the same with my writing. If my art or knitting or photography goes wrong I can blame loads of stuff but if my writing isn't right then that is all down to me :)


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