Friday, 19 November 2010

Community centre photographs

Did a photo shoot on Wednesday at a community centre.  Never done anything like this before, it was exciting and nerve wracking.  Unusually I used lights, normally I rely on natural light, but because I did the shoot in the evening I had to use studio lighting.  It went well and was a good experience but was very stressful, here are my favorite, they are pretty traditional, but I think they turned out well:

I have got several bookings coming up for the photography.  I am really glad I am doing it, and am really enjoying it, but had a real panic yesterday that I was still filling my time with something that wasn't what I truly wanted to do.  My deepest desire is to create artwork, that is where my spirit is calling me.  I will say more on this later, I think it needs it's own post.

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  1. Do you not consider your photography art? I think your pitures are beautiful and very clever. I certainly think you are an artist.


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