Monday, 20 December 2010

First day of the holidays

Hi everyone,

What a day.
I got up with a delightful day of activities planned, first to visit my lovely friend who lives about 40 mins drive away, then to go into town and do my last bits of Christmas shopping before driving to another town to do some shopping of my own, charity style, but it didn't quite go to plan.  When I checked the weather in the morning, more snow was forecast.  I am not a confident driver on the best of days to cancelled my visit to my friend's and thought I would just drive into town and do my shopping, at least then I could get the bus home if my car got stuck.  I needed petrol so started out for the petrol station, I had barely got out of my road before the oil light came on on my dash board.  "Hmmm" I thought, "the engine is probably just cold and needs warming up, I will go to the petrol station and see how it is then".  I got about halfway to the petrol station and the engine cut out and the battery light came on on the dash board, I decided at that point that it was probably not a good idea to try to get the the petrol station and so headed hoe.  I am amazed I made it back to the house, there was an awful smell coming from the engine and it was making a sort of chugging noise.  I basically rolled home, but not before the engine cut out a couple more times.
So I had to get the bus into town again and found the experience much more trudgy and tiresome that I had on Saturday.  Still I got all my shopping done and back home before it started snowing:

No plans for tomorrow so will hopefully do some crafting and art work.


  1. the snow looks lovely...we don't get snow here only rain rain and more rain!

  2. Great photos! Wonderful snow! FUN!

  3. Hooray for snow! Though your poor car! Hope it's feeling better now!! x


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