Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Well we are finally back from our Christmas travels, as much as I love visiting family, there is nothing better to me than arriving home.  I am such a home girl and really like my home comforts, not a fan of living out of a suitcase at all, it felt really good to walk through the door to my house which I had left lovely and tidy, and because we don't have any pets that live indoors (both our families have dogs) I immediately felt the effect of having clean, dust free air, delightful.
Now I am home I feel I can start work on all the little plans that have been coming to my mind over the week we have had away, I always find when I am away I want to do things that I can't do away from home, especially sewing projects, of which I have several in mind.  I am feeling so fired up for making right now and really getting Serendipity Child off the ground.  I have a few other plans in mind and I am not sure what direction I will be taking with them yet, I am going to need all your help on making some decisions. With my one day extra per week I am hoping to start living my dream, take some steps down the path of working for myself and hopefully feel happier and truer to myself in the process.
Tomorrow I am going into town to try and make the most of the sales before I start my "Buy Nothing New For A Year Challenge"!!  Yes, I will tell you more about that soon I am sure.  I also want to get some fabric, then I am going to start making, making, making, as much as I possibly can, and getting things into the shop.
Sorry I am babbling, let me share with you some of the things I got for Christmas:

These two gorgeous Penguin Hardback Classics to add to my collection, I think my mother in law was a bit confused, I had to explain "it's all about the covers":

 This lovely wire metal heart to display photos, haven't decided where it will go yet, but very pleased with it, have wanted one for ages:

Put this poster and the mirror below onto my wish list thinking that I could take the mirror out of the frame and use the frame for the poster, sadly the poster is too big so will probably string some bunting across the frame or something:

 Fabulous retro clock for my kitchen:

Useful craft books for getting my craft business off the ground:

Wonderful Weepies album, ooooh yes:

Hubby got me this soooo cute ceramic house bread bin from my favourite Lisa Stickley, goes so well in our turquoise kitchen:
I really want to show you some photos of them in situ but haven't got round to it yet, plus some of them are not yet in situ!  Still in their bags and boxes in fact. Needless to say I would highly recommend using an Amazon Wish list in future, you can even add items that are not sold on Amazon to an Amazon Universal gift list, so you could even add Etsy items.  Best thing I ever did. What wonderful things did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Hello from Edmonton, Canada! :) I have to say WOW to your "Buy Nothing New For A Year Challenge." I'm guessing you'll still go to thrift shops? I'm curious to see how this will work out, as I've been thinking of doing something similar. Take care! :D


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