Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I am absolutely furious today to find another letter from the council on my door mat giving me notice of eviction from my allotment!!  I am sure you remember my previous rant about the letter I received saying that my allotment was "weedy and uncultivated"  I am sure you also remember the photos of before and after showing the amount of effort Hubby and I put in to tidying it up and the resultant hole in my welly from the frantic digging that went on.  Clearly all that effort and even a late night digging in the dark session that I did a few weeks ago has gone unnoticed.  I was utterly fuming about it and phoned the council immediately.  Luckily for him the Park Supervisor was not working today; if he had been then he would have had a piece of my mind.  Instead, I ranted on the phone to his assistant and ended up bursting into tears.  Not good at all.  (I think the tears were not just about the allotment, I have had a pretty hard week so far, plus am very tired and not quite right hormonally.)
Anyway, I will be sure to be on the phone to Mr Parks Supervisor tomorrow ASAP to tell him about all my hard work, the fact that the ground has been frozen for the past two weeks and the fact that I have two fruit bushes, a rhubarb plant, two beds of onions, two beds of broad beans and a patch of strawberry plants in my plot that I have lovingly attended yo for he last three and a half years.   Hopefully I will have calmed down a bit by tomorrow as well and will be able to talk sense without crying like a baby. 

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  1. Go get them girl! Stand up for your rights and have a good cry afterwards. Good luck xxx


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