Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Falling in love with Mid-Centry Modern

It has only been since I started blogging that I have developed a taste for Mid-Century Modern interiors. My interest has been sparked in part with thanks to the likes of Dottie Angel and sfgirlbybay and thier beautiful homes, but I also think it is something to do with being my age and being able to look back to things from my childhood in a new light.
Yesterday my lovely mum and I went thrifting and visited the YMCA shop in Swansea.  Can I just say AMAZING!  If I had a bigger house I would definately have left there with some fantastic pieces of furniture, at the very least a sideboard, a dressing table and some chairs.  As it stood I left with two glass jugs and a hair band!

Take a look at these gorgeous photos to whet your appetite for Mid-Century Modern:



Frame wall

Oooh yeah

What do you love?


  1. I love that little red teapot on the shelf in the last photo--I wish I could reach through my screen and pluck it out of the computer :)
    I also love that kitchen--that's the kind of kitchen I always wanted. I never knew it was MCM, though.

  2. Mid-century definitely creeps up on you - I really didn't like it a few years ago, and now my home is dotted with it here and there (chairs and vintage kitchen stuff). I love it now.

  3. wow I love the kitchen settings!
    my mum & I love furniture shopping and we are always being told 'no more!' by my dad and boyfriend. I'm after the perfect mid-century couch that is still really comfortable, but it's a tough one! and will probably be really expensive...

  4. I have the Mid Century Modern bug as well - I would just love some armchairs like those in the first photo! I'm always hoping to walk into a charity shop and find some...but alas, it hasn't happened!


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