Thursday, 14 April 2011

Inside my Parents House

So as you know I was in Wales for the past few days visiting my lovely Ma and Pa, helping them around the house and with the ponies, but more importantly SHOPPING!  Yes we had a wonderful time in the YMCA shop, several fantastic and huge pound shops and of course a range of charity shops.  I got many bargains including some rather wonderful vinyl number stickers for my recycling bins featuring some fishing gnomes!  What could be better?
Anyhow while I was at my mum and dads house I observed some of the lovely artefacts they had round the house and thought it might be lovely to share some of them with you for you all to enjoy.

This is a painting by an artist friend of my parents called Terence Clarke,they have a few of his paintings which are all really beautiful:

An Orchid that I moved to the work surface in the kitchen:

A selection of old artefacts inherited from mu grandparents:

A vase of poppy heads and two small ceramic vases/pots that I made and gave to my mum as a present:

Hope you are all having a good week, I will hopefully have a tutorial for you all to enjoy tomorrow.  Anyone doing anything exciting over Easter?

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