Tuesday, 26 April 2011


As promised, here are some of my photos from our day trip to Winchester.  Winchester is a historic in the South of England, famous for its Mill, College, Cathedral and final home and resting place of Jane Austen. It has a lot of architectural and historical interest and was a very beautiful city.

Inside the Cathedral gardens.

Walls and archways surrounding the Cathedral,

 Glorious, skeletal ceilings inside the Cathedral,

Apparently this beautifully intricate stonework was painted before the reformation,

Inside the city Mill, National Trust, so free entry for us yippee!

All in all a quite wonderful day accompanied by a yummy brie and bacon sandwich at The Vine Pub and a visit to the most wonderful bookshop I have ever been to, very rickety and old with fitted, solid wood bookshelves and only one copy of each book.  I purchased two Kerry Smith books and a gardening book.  Don't you find it so much more pleasurable to buy books from a shop than from the internet?

Coming tomorrow...My new hair cut!!


  1. Love the last pic--don't you adore spring "snow"?

  2. Yes Winchester is lovely I lived there for 10 yrs ..I live just outside now ...lovely photos ...x


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