Friday, 8 April 2011

Holiday bliss

Oh joy, oh rapture!  It is finally the Easter holidays, 15 days of work-free bliss, then another two days for the Royal Wedding!  Yipppee! What could be better?  And I feel I truly deserve it, I am totally and utterly exhausted, the past week has been stressful and hard work I really am just going to enjoy myself and relax over the coming two and a bit weeks. Things I am looking forward to include seeing my lovely family, walking on the beach, going to the allotment, sleeping in, Easter (and chocolate of course), more art and craft projects, going places with my hubby and seeing friends.
But right now I am off for a shower and a loooong sleep.
Night night everyone


  1. Luckyyyyyyyyy. Have fun :)

  2. Great seeing you yesterday. Looks like you are going to have super weather as well this Easter!

  3. enjoy your holiday. sounds lovely. xo.

  4. Hey honey, just thought I'd let you know, I received the postcards today, and they are absolutely gorgeous! I love them! :)



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