Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Hair Cut!

Just quickly here are some photos of me getting my hair cut.  I was terrified, let me tell you, I hate hair dressers.  Everyone in there is so shiny with their tans and nails and nice hair, and I go in looking like a tramp with no make up and mud up my nails! However the lady who cut my hair last Thursday was absolutely lovely and very understanding, she didn't mind me photographing myself throughout the hair cut, she also didn't mind that I wanted to keep my hair after it had been cut off.  The salon also didn't mind that I had brought my own tea bags so I could have a lovely cup of Lady Grey to calm my nerves whilst having my hair cut. Needless to say I was really pleased with the result it was exactly what I wanted.  Hopefully I won;t go for two years before getting my hair cut again, and also have to confess that the last time it had been cut I had cut it myself following the viewing of a youtube video! (Not recommended)

How do you all feel about having your hair cut?  Do you like mine?
Hope you are having a great week, I will be having a stressful day at school tomorrow marking all the GCSE art work, so probably no post tomorrow.


  1. I love it! I am a huge advocate of not being scared to cut your long hair and see how it feels! Looks great xxx

  2. How nice!!!!!! It feels so liberating, doesn't it? I'm one of those who waits way too long to get their hair cut...this post actually reminds me that I need to make an appointment :)

  3. helen! i loooove your haircut! i, too, hate hair dressers (luckily for me, my current hair style, which is actually about 9 years in the running). however, i have been having this urge to chop it all off and have just regular hair. not sure if it is going to happen, but either way, yours looks fab!!! hope you aren't too stressed tomorrow!!!

  4. *what i meant to say was, luckily for my my current hair style (which i've had for about 9 years) doesn't require any cutting unless i want it all gone!

  5. Thanks so much girls, I am so glad you like it!

  6. Your new hair cut looks fabulous! Well done for being brave and overcoming 'the fear' - im the same with the dentist! Scarlett x

  7. I love the new cut, you should be smiling. I could care less about getting my hair cut, I just hate paying for it, but figure out if the worst happens it will grow out!


  8. Great hair cut. You look very serious in the photos!


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