Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Photo An Hour

Today I took one photo per hour from 7am to 7pm.  So here is my day in photos:

7.00am - It's a sunny day, yippee!  Putting the washing on the line after waving my husband off on his way to work.  So housewifey! p.s. the sky was really blue, didn't show on the camera.

8.00am staring on a project that I am going to post a tutorial on when I have finished.

9.00am Put the piggies out in the garden , the light is beautiful, still working on my little project,

10.00am starting a loaf of bread off,

11.00am My tomatoes happily growing in the sun, sitting on the floor, listening to Jack Johnson and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, still working on my project,

12.00pm off the the allotment to do some weeding, want to plant some onions, four a dead mouse under the black plastic, worried that I stepped on it,

1.00pm Didn't plant the onions, or do much weeding, stood talking to my allotment friend David for about an hour!

2.00pm back from the allotment, put the piggies out on the grass and clean out their hutch, keep working on the project,

3.00pm enjoying the sun, working outside in the garden, no need for a cardie because it's so hot, just staring to go pink from standing in the sun too long, oops!

4.00pm using tissue paper on my project, kneed loaf to prove a second time, watching the second Sex and the City movie.

5.00pm making dinner for the hubby and me, first bbq of the year, with this delicious salad!

6.00pm bread ready and out of the oven. 

Had a really lovely day today, enjoying he sun and doing a little craft project, Easter holidays next week!  Yippee, got lots of blog posts in mind for the coming weeks.  Can't wait to relax and enjoy myself, visit friends and see my family. ttfn!


  1. What a delightful day! And to end it with homemade bread? Yummy :)

  2. yikes! I hope you didn't get burned too bad, but it is nice seeing the sun and having warmer weather! (we kind of lost the sun this afternoon, but I am thankful for this morning!)

    I love the photos, especially the ones of your tomato plants, you little piggy and they self portrait (which is a great shot of you!).

    enjoy your afternoon!

  3. Heh heh thanks! After I took the self portrait I thought, ooh err, it looks like I am looking at my boobs! Thought about re-taking it, but decided to go with it anyway! ho um!


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