Saturday, 7 May 2011

1950's Swansea Bay Museum

Hubby had been wanting to go the the 1940's Swansea Bay museum for some time so as we were in Swansea over the Easter weekend we suggested it to my mum and dad and they agreed it would be a fun thing to do after visiting The Tower,
We didn't know what to expect, it was poorly signposted and seemed like we were going to the wrong place, it looked more like we were headed for an industrial estate than towards a museum, but then we saw a 1940's Land rover kit car and a partially buried bomb and we realised it must be the right place.
It seemed a bit shabby when we went in but the man at the desk was really friendly and it turned out he had funded and curated the whole museum himself.  It was a funny sort of place, dusty, with marks on the wall and ceiling where water had been leaking through and stuff piled up in corners covered in blankets, the mannequins were dated and it all looked a little unloved,  it was a little like they didn't quite have enough room for everything there, and they clearly couldn't fund a cleaner. However all of this did nothing to detract from the charm of the place, in fact, it added to it.
What was best was that you were free to touch everything, the furniture, kitchenware and you could even try on some original 1940's clothes, what could be better?  Part of the exhibition included an area where you walked through a re-creation of a Swansea street with shops and houses and a pub, you could sit in the living room and stand at the bar listening to "hits from the blitz" or news programmes from the time, you could really fantasise that you were back in the war.
I would really recommend a visit, it was a very lovely place that felt very interactive and welcoming.  Here are some pics:

 How lovely is this hat?

How cute to my dad and husband look in their WWII helmets? Not even sunglasses can make these look cool!

My mum, bless her, trying on a WWII gas mask,

 Now this in one classy radio talky lady!

 This poster, which was pinned up in a replica air raid shelter, really moved me, the words were lovely, I wish people could act a bit more like this nowadays.  Click on the images to view the poster larger so you can read the words.

 Thought the poster said some really helpful things for Christians, about listening to God, and writing down your thought from Him.  

Hop you all have a really lovely weekend.


  1. Right this is a definite place to visit next time I go down to Wales in the Summer looks like my sort of museum ...I always think its important to touch stuff as well as look at it .........brilliant....( and then a visit to the market of course ....I hope there is still a fabric stall in there too ...)...thanks for posting xx (there used to be a museum by the docks we used to visit from college sometimes for a drawing trip )

  2. Nice way to decorate your walls. I have never done that. My effort to beautify the walls in my house was to order big-sized canvas prints from, from images of western art. I use the same angel motifs in all of the rooms painted by different painters, such as this one by very interesting English artist Stanley Spencer,


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