Sunday, 8 May 2011

My First Craft Fair

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to really quickly share with you a couple of photos I took today at my very first craft fair.  I had a really great day, networking and meeting lots of really lovely artists and crafters.  I didn't make much in the way of money, the the experience alone was worth much more than the £12.50 I paid for the stand. I was really pleased with the layout of my table, and I have learnt a lot that will help me improve if I do any more craft fairs.  Here are some pics from the day:


  1. where was your craft fair ?...

  2. You table layout is lovely! I agree that networking is the most important thing when staerting out at fairs! Glad you enjoyed yourself xx

  3. looks wonderful helen! i am sure that it will be more profitable and even more rewarding with time, it is practice learning the best places to show your beautiful work. i have been doing fairs for years now and it is still a learning process every time!

  4. Your stall looks really lovely, most people say that it is the networking and contacts made that make the day worthwhile :)

  5. Thanks so much I am glad you like my stall. The craft fair was in a little village in Berkshire caller Burgfield.


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