Friday, 6 May 2011

The Tower, Swansea

Yippee!!   I have a new charger cable for the lap top...Hello World!!!!

Now I can share the rest of my photos from the Easter Weekend with you, and an update of some DIY craft projects I have done round the house over the last couple of weeks, soooooo much to share, plus, I will be doing an fabulous 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY probably on Monday to give people more chance to enter.  

So on the Saturday before Easter we travelled across to my parents in Wales and went out for lunch in an imaginatively titled building in the Swansea Bay area called "The Tower", it is the highest building in Swansea and is fairly new, with a restaurant at the top, I think it was called "The Olive Bar".  The lunch was delicious, but even more amazing were the views all across Swansea. Here are some pics:

Pretty cool huh?

So call back soon to find out more about the GIVEAWAY!!

p.s. I have missed you all sooooo much since I haven't had my charger cable, so glad to have it back!

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  1. Cool... I havent been there in a while .......i was born in Neath and went to Swansea Art College where I studied Illustration there still the indoor market where you can get Penclawdd cockles ...the best!!..That was another life ago ......


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