Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Up-cycled Lampshade Tutorial

Over the Easter holidays I did a few little DIY projects around the house, just things I have been meaning to do for some time and not yet got round to. This is one of the.  We has these two lampshades, one in the hall and one on the landing.  I didn't like them much and wanted to change them but we couldn't work out how to get them down from the ceiling! Sounds stupid but they were wired it and it seemed like an awful lot of hassle to change them and even to take them down to repaint them.  So I decided to re-spray them whilst still attached to the ceiling. I figured that even though they weren't my favourite lampshades at least in white they would have a bird cage feel to them rather than looking like some Victorian oil lamp wannabe.  
So here is how I did it:

Take out the glass and give it a good clean if it as dusty as mine (blushes).

 Take a black plastic bin bag and cut along one of the long sides, tape it with masking tape around the light with some newspaper at the top to protect the ceiling.

Spray back and forth with the spray paint to avoid drips, build up the layers gradually. Move the plastic around toe do he whole of the lamp. 

Much better I think.


  1. That is better! Much fresher looking--I love the "birdcage" reference.

  2. Love it! It looks very fresh and simple x


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