Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy thrifty Sunday part 1

I have had such a lovely day today that it warrents two posts!
The day began with a delicious combination of homemade lemon curd on three slices of toasted cottage loaf and a large mug of Earl Grey (who knew it would be such a wonderful combination), followed closely by a trip to "Reading's biggest car boot sale!" and ended with a trip to a National Trust property called Grey's Court. 
It really was very enjoyable and it is days like these that I look back and think, that really was a perfect day.

Delicious tea and toast, the pefect way to start a thrifting day.

My purchases neatly stacked

All spread out, take a look at the amazing 1970's table cloth and matching napkins!!

You know I just can't get enough doilies!

I love old photographs for collaging, especially wedding ones.

Vintage maps for crafting.

Close up of matching napkins.

A selection of blue plates for my blue plate collection, I am going to get some dichangers so I can finally hang them all on the wall.

When I came home from my thrifting trip my husband looked at my grinning face and said "oh no, she has got crazy eyes!".  He knew I had a stash of fabulousness in my rucksac!

Coming tomorrow....our trip to Grey's court.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

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  1. Wonderful vintage finds. Those wedding photos are charming, as is the 1970's tablecloth. I'm a 70's girl myself, so of course, I'm partial to anything from that era. No wonder why I'm so into owls, oranges, yellows, greens, and floppy hats! Looking forward to your post about Grey's Court. I love visiting National Trust properties when I'm in the U.K.
    Have a lovely week.


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