Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Thrifting Sunday part 2

As promised, although a day late, here are my favorite photos from our trip to Grey's Court.  Grey's Court is a National Trust property that we have visited for several years, but only the gardens, this year the National Trust opened the house which they have spent some time renovating.  The gardens as ever were beautiful but the house was really amazing too, and a total surprise, the owners only left the property to the Trust in 2003 so it looked like the they had just recently left the room, even down to books on the side, a Christmas card on the mantel piece and a carrier bag in the kitchen.  It was really lovely and we will definately visit the house again.

Hope you all have a wonderful week,


  1. Wow, what beautiful grounds on the property. And grapes too! Did you pick at any? ;)

  2. Hello there! It is lovely to visit your blog again. I just L O V E conkers!!! I can't walk passed one on the ground, consequently I have lots - in bags, pockets and on the cupboard tops ..... soooooo my walks now are what I call Pitch and Plant walks! I am planting forests for future generations :0) Chucking them about wherever the right place seems to present itself ..... don't you think it is amazing that God has put everything inside that beautiful conker to one day become a great spreading chestnut tree? Amazing!
    Val xx


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