Friday, 17 September 2010

Meet Margo

Yippeeeee!! It's Friday! And yet, a week on from having my wisdom tooth removed , and I am still in pain, taking pain killers every 4 hours and wondering if I am normal?!

However I did notice my sewing machine looking particularly lovely this afternoon and thought I would share some photos of her with you.  I got her a few years ago as a birthday present from my mum and dad and she has served me well, even helping my sister to make my wedding dress!

meet Margo:

Hope you are all having a lovely evening.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see your sewing machine has served you well. I'm embarrased to say I have a beautiful sewing machine with all the latest bells and whistles...just sitting in the closet since the day it was purchased...2 years ago. :(
    After pleading with my hubby to buy me one, I never could figure out how to use it. I've never had a machine prior to that, and even after reading the instructions over and over, I still can't operate it. I need to find someone to come over and give me lessons...are you free anytime in the near future. ;)
    Have a great weekend!!


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