Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Some thoughts on God

Well hello folks,
Whaduyaknow I am ill again. Yes I have a terrible head cold and a migraine to boot. Won't someone tell me how to get rid of a migraine without pain killers? I have tried virtually every recommendation on the internet, sleeping, meditating, peppermint tea, evening primrose oil, garlic, multi-vitamin, fresh air, fruit juice, if this headache doesn't go soon I might even try dipping a paper bag in vinegar and putting it onto my forehead as one website suggested!? This has not been a good start to the year, what with having a day off for my sore gums a couple of weeks ago, and now this *sigh* not good at all, and a sign that I have not been looking after myself properly.
Anyhow, I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but haven't had time with work being so busy recently, but I have time right now so I will take the opportunity to share some photos with you and some thoughts as well.
I am always amazed by how beautiful this world is in its natural state, wild and free. It strikes me as proof of God, thrills me and fills me with hope. Just the other day there was a fantastic storm which turned the sky sepia; the leaves of the trees shone, glistened and were so vivid green I couldn't take my eyes off them. I have never seen anything like it. Thunder and lightning followed, and then a perfect rainbow, two in fact a sign of a promise, the hand of God at work in a beautiful and fantastic way.

A few days later I was running the worship session at the church home group I go to and decided to do an art related worship - draw how God makes you feel.
I had the advantage of having already decided what I was going to draw before the session began, and it came easily to me but I was surprised by some people's drawings. Many people draw that God made them feel small and confused. Confusion is something I have experienced with God, but I can honestly say that god has never made me feel small.
I drew a heart (which represented me) with two big arms hugging it (they represented God) I added wings to the heart and a sun behind, the a waterfall running over it. That is how God makes me feel.
How does God make you feel?
How does God show himself in your life?


  1. Great post. God makes me feel a lot of different emotions. He saved me when I was 11 and I have always felt that tug. Thanks for your lovely comment, and I am sorry the pic didn't show up!

  2. Headaches: They only natural thing that works for me is sleep/rest combined with an icepack.
    Love this post. Beatuiful photos. I'm so glad that God made nature beautiful. It makes him more evident to me every day.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your post!
    How does God make me feel? Well if I have to draw it (or better -film it) it would be me- standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and screaming at the top of my lungs (out of joy and happiness-mind you!)with a beautiful sunrise in view!
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Very inspirational post, have been wrestling with some thoughts myself recently when thinking about whether to have a church wedding, I think we've agreed to have at least a blessing, I've been giving real thought to what's important and this has really helped thanks x

  5. But isn't that just fantastic that they dared express to themselves, and even to each other and God, that this is how they feel? I think you gave them something really important, a chance to move on, there. I know I feel God holding me close, so my picture would be something like yours. An open door would also be part of the picture, I think.

    Thanks for your comment about our mirrors - it's great to have 'met' you!


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