Thursday, 23 September 2010

Gosh what a stressful day

Gosh it's been a funny sort of busy and stressful day, I already had a busy day, then I got put down to do cover during my only free on my timetable and had to teach a sour faced year 11 class for an hour. Then at 3.00 I remembered that I had to do something for the worship session at the home group I attend on a Thursday afternoon, so grabbed some paper and felt tips, then remembered that I needed to scan in a painting into the computer (after my poor husband spent all yesterday evening trying to scan it into our laptop without success) the painting is this one which I have made for a commission I have accepted from a friend, the piece is for the cover of a music sheet book. So I spent a while trying to scan it in and then realised the image was too large to email to myself and had to search for a memory stick to save it on *sigh*. Then I had barely walked through my front door before I had a phone call from 02 asking if I wanted to change my mobile phone contract...normally this would by an immediate no because I like my current contaract of free text messages but if did seem like a very good offer with free text messages and 300 free minutes to all mobile networks, and unlimited landline calls. So I am now paying an extra £5 a month?! (have I been had?) Plus I gave all my bank details over the phone *eek*. Not sure what my husband would think of that. So I wait with baited breath for my next bank statement.

I have finally had a chance to sit down and it won't be for long because I have to do a mountain of ironing and tidy the house for a friend who is coming over tomorrow for my husband’s birthday (oh that reminded me I have to wrap all his presents), then do dinner and I am off to the home group at 8.00! Blimey, I am going to be knackered. Wish me luck everyone.


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