Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Meet my up-cycled quilt!

Hi everyone,

I have missed you!  Haven't posted as much as I normally do because I have been a busy bee!  The last week or so I have been making this quilt!

I am really quite proud of myself, never made anything like this before, but I was inspired by this post, though I made mine without a book or pattern or anything, basically made it up as I went along with bits and pieces I had around the house.  It didn't cost me anything to make, and it even has an eco element because I used some of my husbands old shirts in the patchwork, the whole of the back and all the binding!  You can tell I am excited can't you?  

It is quite thickly padded which made binding it a bit difficult, I spent a long time cutting and ironing the strips, and even longer pinning the binding all round the edge of the quilt.

It certainly isn't the best binding in the world, as you can see, but it was a first attempt after all.

I am really pleased with it and proud of myself.  I would definitely been keen to have another go.  I have got loads of squares left because I cut tons a few years ago with the intention of making a huge quilt, but then realised it would look hideous so just chose the blue ones to make this quilt. I could choose another colour way from the selection I have for another quilt. 

Hope you have all been having a lovely week.  I have another keyring to put in the art shop, and some vintage map envelopes for the craft shop which I will put up in the next couple of days.  I have so many things I want to do, including my wreath tutorial which I promised weeks ago!  I am sure I have lots of news to share with you, like my lovely hubby on Valentines day and the fact that I have been poorly, and my recent sales, but they will have to wait for another day.



  1. I love the quilt all of the different blue patterns are very peaceful

  2. Helen. I love that!!! I like when quilts are made out of remnants and different pieces of this and that. Makes them much more nostalgic.

  3. Great quilt, you wouldn't know it was your first attempt :) x

  4. Dear Helen! It has arrived!!! My gorgeous "a cup of tea makes everything better" little mixed media picture. It is absolutely scruptiously, gorgeously beautiful. I love it, love it, love it!!! Thank you for sending me the post card because I really don't think it would have been given away otherwise:0) I do wish you every success in your art endeavours, you do bring joy to the receiver.
    You should be proud of your lovely quilt, I recognize a few Laura Ashley pieces if I am not mistaken in there. It is lovely and spring like. I am sure you will enjoy the pleasure of it for years to come.
    Thank you again Helen, you are a treasure :0)
    Val xx


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