Sunday, 27 February 2011

A really great long weekend

My weekend began on Thursday when I travelled with some lovely girls from Church to Watford for Naturally Supernatural, I wasn't keen on going initially, it has been a long time since I have been to a large Christian gathering but somehow the girls coercedcagouled, persuaded, encouraged me to go.  I was really worried, but I am so glad I went because I had a really amazing (and emotional) time.  I am feeling really fired as a Christian now and positive about the future.
Then on Friday we had the lovely Matt and Elora over to stay for the rest of the weekend. She really appreciated my fawn bookends, I knew she would!  We went out for dinner and drinks on Friday and went to my favourite cocktail bar in town called The mix.  I really love the styling inside, it feels very girls and Sex-And-The-City-ish, I tried to take some photos but obviously it was dark and I didn't have my good camera, here is an idea of what it was like:

See that drink I am is a close up:

And look what it's called!!

On Saturday we went to Oxford and visited the Pitt Rivers Museum, I have been there lots of times before when I was at Uni, but it is always worth going again because I have seen something new each and every time I have visited.  I would love to go again with my sketchbook and do some drawing of the artefacts that were in the museum, there is some really incredible things including a bottle apparently containing a witch, a huge to totem pole, shrunken heads and nose flutes!  Here are some photos from the natural history bit, sadly it was too dark in the Pitt Rivers museum to take photos.  

Also went to the Cath Kidston shop and bought this:

All in all a really excellent weekend, and the end to a really wonderful week off from school. I can't say I am thrilled about going back but at least I feel rested.  

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