Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New stuff in the shops

Actually made myself do a painting today, it was pretty painful to be honest, I really had to squeeze this one out. Let me know what you think, as ever:

I have been quite brave and put it in the shop, will have to gauge opinion by number of views etc.

Also, I have something in the craft and vintage shop that I picked up at the flea and collectables market I went to on Sunday, check these two out:

How cute?


  1. Hi Helen, I was going to send a suggestion that you perhaps did some of your beautiful art work with a Christian message, and here you are! I love this painting and would encourage you to keep on.
    My teacup painting was so very well received and I am sure will be treasured.
    Have a lovely weekend :0)
    Val xx

  2. Really glad you love it Val. I am defiantly nervous about making art with a Christian message because I don't want to appear like a cliché but I had to give it a go! I was pleased with the result and will do more.
    Glad you like the colours Amy! I was worried they were a little dull.


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