Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The most beautiful 1950's style dress in the world

Saw this today when shopping in town, and although I saw quite clearly the unattainable £80.00 price tag, I still tried it on. And can I tell you, oh my gosh!  It was so beautiful, I loved it so much and really really want to buy it.  Anyone fancy buying it for me?  I may ask for it for my birthday.  Probably need to lose a few pounds though, I tried on the size 14 and it was a bit lose round the waist so really I need a 12, but I know that my boobs wouldn't fit into the 12 unless I went down a cup size.

Actually I don't mind saying that I think I looked better in the dress than this skinny model.
Do you like it?


  1. i LOVE dress styles like that and I bet curves looked MUCH better in it.

  2. this is gorgeous. it reminds me i need to adjust my own original 1950's dress ready for a ball i'm supposed to be going to in the near future.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! *swoon* I really hope you can buy it... =)


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