Saturday, 5 February 2011

Not made for this world

Do you every wonder if you weren't really made for this world?  I wondered this to myself today.  Got up and ready to go into town and put on my new coat and my best red shoes and felt very jolly and pretty and was looking forward to browsing the charity shops and market. Then I got into town and it was so noisy and bustly.  I had people barging into me, so was dodging in and out of the crowds, it was grey and miserable, my coat was rucking up, my shoes began to rub, my handbag kept falling off my shoulder, my hair was being blown into my face, I was sweaty, and pretty soon I no longer felt jolly or pretty and decided to go home before I had a nervous breakdown! The image of the world that is in my head when I close my eyes is very different from the reality, I have built a really pretty world for myself in my mind and sometimes I forget it isn't the reality.  Then I get disappointed when I realise it isn't true.  I feel like I am like Lilly Allen in her video LDN where everything seems lovely and colourful and sweet but then when she takes a second look the spell is broken and she sees the reality. Take a look:

When I am making art work I am in such a day dream sometimes that when I look up and outside of the window, I almost have to rub my eye, like there is something wrong with them because I just can't believe how grey the world is at the  moment.  Sometimes I wish I was living in my own fantasy because it just seems so much prettier than the reality.
I think my dream world look something like this, all pinky hued, note also the geraniums, the bunting and the Roberts Radio:

And also a bit like this:

"If I find in myself desires nothing in this world could satisfy... I can only conclude that I was not made for here." - C.S. Lewis

Do yo have a fantasy world?  What is it like?


  1. I feel like that sometimes too. It doesn't help when people are so damn rude too. People barging about the place, not even thanking you when you open a door for them, grrr x

  2. my world is full of patterns and colours ....x

  3. Strangely my world is similar to yours...
    I too have a reality in my head that disappoints when it isn't actually there :)

  4. Thanks for the link on blog buttons. :) I'm going to check it out.

    Also, I love all these dreamy pictures. Lovely.


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