Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Mixed media painting

Oooh I am so excited to share this painting with you today.  It has taken me all day so far to do.  Not sure it is finished yet but I just had to share it with you all because I am so excited.  It is so vibrant and totally different from the paintings I have done before. I feel quite shivery when I look at it.  Did I really make this?  I love it! (Am I allowed to say I love my own paintings?)
Well see what you think.  Feedback always welcome as you know:


  1. I think you are most definitely allowed to say you love your own work! And you should be happy and proud of it, it is very beautiful, I love the colors.


  2. WOW!! I love the brighter colors!!
    And yes, you can definitely love your own work :)

  3. Looks lovely, I'm sure it's ok to say you love your own work :) x

  4. This is gorgeous. You have every right to love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just had a nosey round your etsy shop too, so lovely! x

  5. Hi Helen, like everyone else .... i love this! and so should YOU! But you know - I do like your Serendipity Child button, is that part of a bigger art piece I wonder?
    looking forward to my teacup coming :0) Perhaps I may keep it for myself and by my daughter in law a DVD!
    have a lovely Friday
    Val xx

  6. Thanks everyone. I still love it! Val, the button and banner came from a painting I did in a book which I then photographed and manipulated the photo with images that are symbolic to me:
    Bird and cage,
    Other images that are symbolic to me include:
    tea cup and saucer,
    wings and


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