Thursday, 6 January 2011

First tries at knitting

Hey folks,

A few years ago a lovely lady I met through selfsufficientish taught me how to knit.  I learnt a basic stitch and then didn't knit again for about a year! This weekend I decided to pick up my knitting sticks and have another go.

Here is my first attempt at knitting:

I think you will agree it is an epic fail! For some reason it got wider and wider as I went along!
However I did teach myself to cast off which was something.

So I read through my Usborne knitting book (yes I do need a book designed for children to teach me how to knit!) and taught myself to cast on, and made this, my second attempt at knitting:

Its a little bag!!  And look what it holds...

...tea bags!!  I don't drink normal tea so though I would make myself something to hold my tasty tea bags in so I can have a cup of tea when I go to friend's houses. Yippee!


  1. My first knitted piece got inexplicably wider too (until Grandma explained--I was splitting the yarn, making 2 stitches out of 1).
    Keep it up--it gets easier as you go :)

  2. What a very clever idea - and its so lovely.

    I taught myself to knit, but didn't have much patience at it.

    I have knitted scarves with fancy wool, and I even crocheted myself a dress in the swinging sixties - a peachy coloured silky pearly mini. I had it for years. Wish I kept it, as it has been in and out of fashion quite a lot of times over the years

  3. Tea bag pouch...what an amazing idea!

  4. Clever idea. Well done for persevering.


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