Saturday, 8 January 2011

Spring time wreath

Hello everyone, happy weekend!
I hope you are all cheery and chirpy, I have a bit of a headache but apart from that am glad to have two days to relax from the craziness of being a secondary school art teacher.  I have been working on this springtime wreath that I have just listed on my Etsy Shop, I am really pleased with it, I love the colours, I will be sad if I sell it!  Is that stupid?
I am going to do a tutorial for how to make one of these next week:


  1. Love your wreath, very colourful and lovely for the spring time

    All things nice...

  2. That's extrememy pretty! And happy new year to yoo!

  3. I LOVE that, can't wait for the tutorial!

  4. Thanks so much for loving my wreath, makes me smile.

  5. Beautiful! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's feeling a bit 'springy'! I think it must be because the snow came and went so early! I'm in for a shock when it snows again aren't I? xxxx

  6. Oh these are so pretty, I'll definitely be interested in buying one when I move house :) xxx


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