Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wedding Scrapbook

On Sunday my lovely sister came over and we did a couple of hours scrapbooking.  She was making a scrapbook for her friend and I was doing another page for my very slow developing wedding scrapbook. I have come to the conclusion that scrapbooking is definitely better with someone else.  We chatted and had a laugh and reminisced, it was lovely.  One thing that I found quite amusing was that in the two hours of scrapbooking, I completed one, yes one painful, excruciating,  page of my wedding scrapbook, and my sister did 20 layouts!! She certainly didn't fret over every tiny scrap of paper or embellishment.  Anyway, I was pleased with my 2 hours work, here is the result:

The page is about the colours of the flowers and the photos are when we had bought a few flowers as a tester to put together some bouquets as a try out.  Here they are all still wrapped in their cellophane before we spread them out on the floor and played about with some arrangements.  As you can see I have not yet journalled on the tag, so I am going to have to do that.  Hope you are all having a good week.  My day off tomorrow1!  yippee, lots of painting hopefully!

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