Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More paintings for the shop

Hi everyone, yey!  A sunny day on my Wednesday off!  I have been waiting for this for three weeks.  I have been gagging to go for a walk but have been very disciplined and stayed in and painted.  I also moved all my "studio" from the dining room table up to the spare room which is no going to be my studio, once I get a little table for it. Here are some paintings I finished today.  I started the boat one last week and just finished it today, and the little one I started and finished today. I am trying to make a set of six of the small paintings so I an get some post cards printed to sell in the shop:

Hope you like them, please do leave me a comment, I love love love your feedback.  Also don't forget to visit the shop to see more of my paintings, or look back at these posts,


  1. Hi Helen, You know you are blessed with such a great gift! Your art work is just beautiful, paintings and photography. Creativity is a precious gift. I have a little saying on my wall from a friend it says "time is too precious to spend ..... it should be invested" I think that is so true and is just what you are doing, investing in treasures that will bless others for years to come.
    I had a link to another crafter in Aus asking for dolls or owls etc., I just happened to have a family of owls nesting in a basket under my stairs! So yesterday Mr & Mrs and baby Hoot took flight :0) - you can see them on my blog, but they are nothing compared to your beautiful boat.
    Val xx

  2. Lovely so soft and gentle.......x

  3. Thanks so much guys, really appreciate the feedback. Val, your message brought a tear to my eye!

  4. Hi Helen, This lovely picture with wings of love, can I buy it with a cheque? Would you be willing to do that? My lovely daughter-in-law has a birthday in February and as she is from Reading I thought this would make a really personal and beautiful gift for her.
    BTW Thank you for the Award, I will do a blog about it soon, but I would like to do a sort of My Inspiration blog featuring your blog, if that is ok with you too?
    Let me know what you think about the cheque, how much it would total and where to send it - if you are agreeable :0)
    Have a lovely week Helen,
    Val xx

  5. Hello again Helen, you will see my interest from the comment above, but supposing you were happy to accept a cheque PLEASE COULD I CHANGE MY MIND? It is a women's privilege after all :0) PLEASE COULD I CHANGE TO THE TEACUP? My daughter in law likes a cuppa and so I think that one will be especially nice for her birthday.
    Hope to hear soon,
    love Val


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