Friday, 7 January 2011

Searching for a new look

A new year and a new look.  I feel like that is what I need.  I have had the same hair style for about the last three years with it gradually getting longer and longer until I have had enough, cut it badly myself than run crying to the hairdressers to get them to sort it out.  I have extreme hairdressers phobia which means I rarely visit, something about the shininess of the place, all those tanned women with perfect hair and nails, not to mention the make up, and there I come looking like a complete tramp with no make up, stubby nails and bad hair...Not a a great way to make myself feel good.  But I am going to have to face my demons and get my bonce sorted once and for all. Here are a few ideas I have been thinking of, I want a fringe, but don't know if I am brave enough:

However, I don't have wavy hair, it is dead straight, so I am worried I will look more like this:

Or worse, like this:

Can you imagine?

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